Praise by Katie Barnes

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” [Psalm 150:6] At the beginning of 2018, I was first introduced to the concept of having a word to focus a year around. I learned about this at church, where we were encouraged to choose a word to hang like a banner over the year. Then, over[…]

“Love” by Katie Barnes

  *Note from the Moderator: As you likely well know by now, we here at the BSU believe our students have been given a variety of spiritual gifts and encourage our students to utilize them.  With that in mind, please enjoy our latest post–a poem by our very own Katie Barnes.

Take Note by Kaitlin Flowers

  Growing up in the Bible Belt, you usually learn a few things about church regardless of your affiliation with it, and there are certain rules we perpetuate whether they’re actually in the Bible or not.  One that’s always stuck with me was how I’m supposed to treat my Bible.

Suffering and Me by Katie Barnes

  My family has had a saying since before I was born that we share with each other when we want to express the endlessness and unconditionality of our love for one another. It is abbreviated YTTF and means Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever.

When Leaders Let You Down by Kyle Brassell

  As scandals spread through every industry in the United States and people in positions of power or honor have their sins brought to light, scandals within the church can leave deep wounds on those that have trusted in leaders and have developed close relationships with people they viewed as spiritual mentors. I believe that[…]