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  • A Night Hike in Alaska by Amy Chance

    A Night Hike in Alaska by Amy Chance

      Sometimes God makes us climb mountains to teach us a lesson. Those can be mountains of life, like circumstances or struggles you may go through, and sometimes—like in my case—a literal mountain.
  • Take Note by Kaitlin Flowers

    Take Note by Kaitlin Flowers

      Growing up in the Bible Belt, you usually learn a few things about church regardless of your affiliation with it, and there are certain rules we perpetuate whether they’re actually in the Bible or not.  One that’s always stuck with me was how I’m supposed to treat my Bible.
  • “Genesis 1” by Corey Davis

    “Genesis 1” by Corey Davis

    *Note from the moderator:  Once again, we would like to point out that we at the BSU support the spiritual gifts of our students.  That said, please enjoy this poem, written by our very own Corey Davis.*

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